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Placement Wins Boost for LoL makes it feasible to start your ranked season with a high MMR. Buy your specific amount of Placement Wins to try this efficient and professional service today.

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  • We guarantee 10/8 wins in your placements

    If the booster loses more than 2 games you will receive 2 extra wins for each additional loss. If the booster goes one division up after placement games, your boost will be counted as completed.

Why Are Placement Matches Important?

Some do not give enough importance to it, but placement matches are very important at the start of the season. We have created the placement boost service in order to give you the perfect start every season so you can start playing your first ranked games at the highest ELO possible. The reason why we think it is so important is that those 10 placement games you have to play when you start ranked games can get you some major results. Instead of losing half of your placement games and getting back to the same division where you finished last season or even get relegated, by purchasing a placement boost, it is possible to start from a higher ELO than your last season’s result. The first ranked games of the season are the most important ones. If you can play well in those games that can influence your whole season in front of you in a good way. The idea is, that you if you are able to start from higher ELO where there are less toxic players and where you can perform better, it is more likely that you will win more games and you will be able to reach higher in less time. As we all know winning most of the games the fastest way possible is the key to higher tiers and divisions. If you still hesitate about buying a placement boost, do it right now, they make a great difference!

How Does The Placement Matches Boost Work?

Placement matches boost works the same way ranked or normal win boost works. By giving your account information and purchasing the placement games boost, BoostRoyal provides you a master or challenger tier booster who logs into your account and plays the placement games instead of you and he will make sure that he wins all of them. Since LoL is a 5v5 game where anything can happen, even with the extreme efforts that we put into it, there is still a chance that the booster might lose a game. This is why we cannot guarantee that we can get you 10 wins out of the 10 games, but in 90% of the cases, we are able to make a flawless game record for you. To get a placement boost, you first have to choose your last season tier. The reason why we do this is to measure the difficulty of the boost you want to purchase. The prices are worked out in such a way that it can reflect the difficulty of the work you buy for it. If you were diamond last season for example, your placement games are much harder to complete than finishing silver instead of that.If you have already started your placement games, it is still time! As you might have seen, you can buy 1 to 10 placement games, so even if you have already started playing those games, we can still get the most out if it depending how many games are left to play!

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