LoL Coaching

Coaching is an efficient way to improve your skills and mindset in LoL. We provide experienced high elo players for your service.

The ultimate ELO boosting experience

Briefly About Coaching

Here at BoostRoyal, we provide a selection of coaches who have a very extensive understanding of LoL. They will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, and ultimately help you become a better player. If you have a specific role that you want to be coached on, then make sure you choose a coach that specializes in that role. If your goal is to just improve your overall understanding of the game, we have coaching for that as well. We provide coaching in many languages, so find a coach that speaks your language and begin your learning experience. Once you purchase your coaching lesson, you can speak with your coach about the best time to start your session. Our coaches are very flexible and will adapt to your schedule, so there is no need to worry. One thing we guarantee is that when you start learning the skills that our high ELO coaches have mastered, you will notice an improvement almost immediately. With enough coaching, anyone can go from even bronze to diamond and that is what our goal is - to make you the very best player you can be.

Coaching: The Fastest Way To The Top

LoL has become the most popular game in the world and it is only growing bigger. With all the changes implemented on a steady basis and the level of complication that increases with every patch, you may feel overwhelmed with all of this knowledge you need to acquire. That is why we have made our coaching services available. Just like any other sport, to reach your highest potential, the help of a coach is paramount. They not only coach you in certain aspects of the game that you were not aware of, but they also introduce you to the most optimal way to play LoL. Our coaches have acquired plenty of knowledge over the years from solo queue experience and even competitive LoL. They have perfected their craft and want to spread their understanding of the game to all struggling players. You do not even have to be in low ELO to learn from our professional coaches. We have had even low Diamond players purchase coaching lessons and improve tremendously. To become the best, you need to train with the best, so do not wait any longer. Order a coaching lesson today to become the elite player that you are capable of being.