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  • Ranked wins boost

    Ranked profit increases allow our customers to buy the desired number of ranked profits. All you have to do is choose how many ranked winnings you want to have.

  • League boosting

    At we sell guaranteed levels and divisional increases of your choice. You just have to choose the level and division you want and our job is to do the rest.

  • Placement matches

    Placement matches are here to give you a perfect start. By increasing your 10 placement games you will be able to start the season with the highest lol elo possible.

  • Buy lol smurf account

    You can buy from a large number of unranked lol-smurf accounts. All are level 30 and loaded with either blue essence or master.

  • Account market

    You can browse different LoL accounts. You can see elo, the number of champions and skins in each account.

  • TFT Boosting

    TFT Boosting enables the client to get all the rewards within Teamfight Tactics, with the help of professional boosters in the form of a high quality service.

  • Champion Mastery

    Do you want to look good with all your masters independently? Champion mastery boost is here to get any of your champions to level 7 from 0 in no time.

  • Eternals Boosting

    Complete every goal in Eternals before all other players! Hire a Challenger player who can handle your milestones and goals in Eternals Fortress.

  • Promotion boosting

    One of the most valuable ELO boost services. Promotion promotion is the best option for league players looking for an easy way to win their promotional series.

  • ELO boosting packs

    ELO reinforcement packages make it possible to buy lol elo boost at a discounted price. There are a variety of packages you can choose from, with different start and finish levels.

  • Runeterra Boosting

    Reach the highest rankings in the game before everyone else! Hire Challenger professionals to boost your tier / division in Runeterra.

  • Account leveling

    Account leveling lol boosting service makes it possible to reach the LoL level you want. Want to start playing ranked fast? Do not hesitate.

Our features

VPN protection

To offer the market's safest lol elo boost, BoostRoyal provides VPN protection on all orders by default. The VPN feature helps manage the IP address of the booster while increasing it in the buyer's account so that the lol boosting process can remain undetected by RIOT.

Complete on time guarantee

BoostRoyal makes sure your lol elo boost is ready in time. Each order placed is given a specific deadline and the booster's goal is to meet that deadline as quickly as possible. The length of the boosting process depends on the purchase details, and the maximum time limit is specified when choosing a lol boost.

Integrity and displayed offline

We offer the feature that appears offline for players who want a private experience. This feature can be selected at checkout, and it guarantees 100% integrity, as the enhanced LoL account is displayed offline in the Friends list while the lol boosting process lasts.

Shipment Tracking

BoostRoyal has a built-in order tracking system for every purchased lol elo boost in the member area. The system offers various ordering methods, including a chart of the live match history of the LoL account being boosted and a spectacle button to watch the booster's performance.


We start boosting within 1 hour after receiving the money and we are fast. We only need 3 to 4 hours for 1 rank.


Our boosters are not random guys! They are professional players with many years of experience who can boost you up.


Do you have any questions? Our Support is ready to answer! We answer for every mail within 1h and on Skype in 5min.

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Our LOL boosting service has been created by group of ex-pro LOL players, who reached global elite rank and explored many LAN tournaments and now we decided to go in for cs go boosting. Our statistic can show you that we are professional boosting & csgo accounts service. As you can see we have finished more than 10000+ orders and sold more than 2000+ accounts!




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